Beauty is not a luxury, it ennobles the heart and reminds us of the infinity that is within us.
-John O’Donohue


I believe that the space we occupy is a reflection of who we are and that by consciously crafting the space around us we can magnify our best selves.

Being in nature has a calming effect on the harried soul, and to me there is nothing more soothing than spending time in the calming presence of of a beautiful garden surrounded by the natural world.

Living in Los Angeles, where the pace is frenetic and the cost of property a premium, I feel that it’s essential to utilize our entire property. The fact that the weather is gorgeous nearly year round provides an opportunity to spend a good portion of our time out of doors.

I specialize in creating private and semi-private, environmentally friendly, outdoor living space with an emphasis on native and drought tolerant, pollinator friendly plants.

It is my privilege to help clients create environmentally friendly, magical outdoor spaces that offer a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle bustle, 24/7 connected world.


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