Phase II

Total transformation takes vision, patience and yes, money.

Landscape Master Plan

It would be nice to say you can create the landscape of your dreams on a shoe string budget, but the truth is you are making an investment in your lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to design a beautiful yard for a reasonable cost but if you’re anything like me you really want to create something amazing.
Southern California’s beautiful weather affords us the opportunity to spend a good deal of time outside so it stands to reason that our outdoor space is just as important as our indoor space.


Since this is a personal project I’ve been able to take time developing a master plan for our property that will fully accommodate our family’s needs and desires. For our kids a place to play and connect with nature and for my husband and myself a sanctuary away from our hectic work lives. In addition we like to entertain so aside from a personal haven we’ve planned areas for gathering with friends as well.


This has been an extensive project (which is still under way) that includes a new from the ground up garage and studio as well as new landscaping. After more than a year of planning/building we’re finally to the fun part, which for me is the landscaping. There is steady progress and I look forward to completion at the end of the month.

More pictures to come as we progress 🙂


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