No more grass!

Americans have a love affair with their lawns. It seems a part of the American dream, home ownership with a big swath of luxurious green grass surrounding it. I think this is a holdover from the 19th century and the desire to emulate the English garden.

No more grass

Whatever the reason, here in Southern California grass is a luxury we simply cannot afford and here’s why.

California gets only about 22 inches of rain a year, near the bottom of the US average. And that’s in a normal year. What’s happening now in the Golden State is anything but normal.

An average of just 7.38 inches of rain fell in 2013 making it the driest year since California became a state in 1859.

The result is a megadrought so sever that there is a real possibility that Californian’s could actually run out of water. (The above text is from a April 2014 Time magazine article by Bryan Walsh)

Our state is drying up and if you have a hard time wrapping your head around that here’s more dramatic evidence.

From Huffington Post article Click link to watch the lake dry up before your eyesScreen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.26.10 PM

Full water levels are visible in the Bidwell Marina at Lake Oroville on July 20, 2011, in Oroville, California, followed by current drought levels on Aug. 19, 2014. Credit: California Department of Water Resources / Getty Images


It’s time to embrace drought tolerant landscaping and you by no means have to give up a luxurious yard. Au contraire! California is awash with luxurious native plants. Here are few of my favorites:California poppy
California Poppy

Salvia clevelandii

Matilija poppy

One of the many benefits of native plants besides their being very drought tolerant is that they provide much needed habitat for wildlife.

This beleaguered monarch is grateful for the sweet nectar of the Red Valerian in my yard!

And if all of that’s not enough to convince you to ditch your grass LADWP will give you $3.00 a square foot to remove your lawn.

I specialize in transforming water guzzling grass yards into magical, environmentally friendly, livable landscapes.


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